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Copy Writing and Sample Distributions

We know that time is precious, whether you are a small businesses or a large marketing department. Palate PR can work as your in-house PR department, always being available to help you write creative copy quickly. We can write copy suitable for all the different communication tools a busy business uses: advertorials, promotional material, websites or social media ... and anything else you have in mind! 


Press Releases are our speciality, crafting words that not only perfectly capture your brand but also provides everything that a time-poor member of the media needs to capture their imagination and instantly communicate with their readers/listeners about your products.


[Alex] your Press Releases are a delight to read, easily understood, tell the story cleverly, clearly and succinctly … and most of all, make my life a lot easier than do some of your fellow PRs in the industry.

                                                                  David Ellis, Wine Columnist for a range of suburban and regional newspapers


Palate PR also provides a first-class Sample Distribution Service. Sample distributions are a tried and tested way of receiving third-party endorsements that drive sales. Palate PR is skilled at co-ordinating well-thought-out, well-timed distributions that maximise the opportunities for media reviews. Our sample distribution projects include the all important (but time consuming) follow-ups to make sure the samples make an impact. A Palate PR project doesn’t stop until our aims are achieved!


All projects can be accompanied by a Media Monitoring Service which enables us to capture all reviews for our clients and then analyse the results to enable campaigns to evolve and achieve future success.

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