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Media Relations

Palate PR has daily up-dated databases of all the most relevant media and key influencers in Australia (and for specific projects abroad). This enables us to put our clients in contact with the right people in the right places, maximising the chances of successful outcomes. We believe that every member of the media is important and can communicate expertly with all audiences, whether it be an editor for a leading national magazine, a journalist for a rural newspaper or a relatively new internet blogger.


Due to our long term relationships with media, Palate PR's communications are always read and as we are known for being able to act quickly and professionally, we are often contacted to be offered media opportunities that we can pass on to our clients.


We can also help clients start to form their own relationships, leading to many more successful campaigns in the future.


All projects can be accompanied by a Media Monitoring Service which enables us to capture all articles and/or reviews for our clients and then analyse the results to enable campaigns to evolve and achieve future success.

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